Are you in Crisis and Require Immediate Assistance?


Do you feel threatened and unsafe?

Wahbung wants to ensure all visitors and participants have important information that will keep you safe.


You have our support!

Protection Orders at Wahbung:

Wahbung is now a Protection Order Designation site and what that means, is we can now provide “Protection Orders” at our site instead of going to the Law Courts and filing with them. We have (2) staff fully trained and are providing this service to the community.

Women’s Shelter:

 Ikwe Widdjiitiwin

Phone: (204) 987-2780. Crisis Line: 1-800-362-3344.

Immediate Help is Available:

If you require immediate emergency assistance right now, please contact 9-11 or If this is a non-emergency please call the Winnipeg Police at (204) 986-6222. You may also call the Klinic crisis line at 786-8686.

 Wahbung also has a 24/7 crisis phone for participants, if you would like this number, ask our staff!