Our Story


Wahbung Abinoonjiiag Inc.

“Children of Tomorrow”

“Domestic Violence Prevention Center for Children and their Families”

wahbung drum

Mission Statement:

Wahbung Abinoonjiiag was established to empower children and their families to break the cycle of violence.  We do this by providing opportunities for holistic healing through culturally-appropriate teachings and activities in a safe and nurturing environment.




Wahbung Abinoonjiaag inc was jointly established in 1994 by the Native Women’s Transition Centre, North End Women’s Centre and Ikwe Widjittiwin.  The three organizations decided that by joining together they could offer better services to the people they serve. The program would be open to anyone who was involved in a family violence situation and were referred from one of the sister organizations.  One of the crucial deciding factors was the lack of services for children who witnessed or experienced family violence. They also believed that the traditional Aboriginal  teachings would help the families heal and learn to live healthy  lifestyles without violence. Wahbung Abinoonjiaag’s programs are based on the wisdom of Elders, Caregivers and Professionals who worked in the field of family violence. The name itself when translated to the English language means, “Children of Tomorrow”.   The programs are unique in their service delivery approaches which incorporate traditional teachings gifted to the people from the variety of indigenous nations’ ancestral heritages that exist on Turtle Island.  These cultural aspects are reflective of the urban and rural First Nations communities found within Manitoba and were contributed to by those visitors from other territories who call the Winnipeg region home.

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