About our Counselling services:

Wahbung offers counselling to women and children who have experienced domestic violence using a Humanistic approach.  The therapies used are Solution Focused, Client Centered, and Trauma Informed, incorporating the Dialectical approach.  This holistic approach begins where the client is at and gently moves with them through their healing journey.  This will include one-on-one counselling for up to a year, groups, advocacy (to ensure basic needs are met), case management and contact.  Wahbung incorporates culture and therapy to complete this holistic circle.  Participants must complete an intake and be enrolled in at least one of Wahbung’s programs to access the counselling services.  Our crisis counselling is accessible for any woman or youth.

Women’s Counselling

Crisis Counselling

Cultural Counselling (Spiritual Care-giving)

Youth Counselling

Children’s Counselling (age 7 & up)


(New) Cultural Therapy:

We recently developed a Cultural Therapy and Services Manual that all staff use as a guide in performing best practices.


Wahbung recognizes the impacts that trauma may have on women and children that have been affected by domestic violence. Trauma can  become hardwired into the behavior and decision making centers of an  individual, at Wahbung  it is important to address the impacts in a  holistic way and promote and empower a strength based approach supported by spiritual awareness and self-care strategies. Wahbung Abinoonjiiag hopes to assist families in re-creating new and positive relationships with each other – despite the traumas they have experienced.  The long term benefits to the community is that of healthy, balanced, and systemically autonomous families.